Yeah. I’m starting up this site again.

I’ve decided that I’m just going to use WordPress until I have a better alternative ready-to-go instead of trying this whole metacircular bootstrapping approach of building a blogging-wiki-system from scratch and using it to build the site that describes how I’m doing that. It turns out that was ultimately exhausting and unfulfilling and futile for something I only have sporadic time to invest in doing right.

No, I’m just going to start posting stuff to this site in an effort to get writing because expressing myself is one of my biggest unfulfilled personal needs right now. I need to write and I didn’t really have a place to do it (outside of social media) or a workflow that didn’t involve building and deploying a static site every time I wanted to post something.

Anyways, I just set this up and It’s almost 1am now, so I’m not going to start off with a big brain-dump into here. However, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, Internet, and I will have some things to share.

Greetings, programs!

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