In reviewing my attempts at building a coherent expression of myself online over the past two decades, I conclude I have been wildly inconsistent and ineffective. I have not a singular vision in this regard; I get “visions” all the time, but my focus changes so regularly, I inevitably wind up tearing down my blogs and site experiments after a while, because they feel obsolete when I get bored of them and I’m on to the next vision.

This modus operendi is ultimately very unfulfilling, however, and I feel increasingly adrift. I am at the point now where I really need to set up a place to think out loud again and gather some much needed psychic traction.

It’s time to start this blog again. And this time… it’s for realsies.

I’ve been inspired by Michael Hyatt and other bloggers and podcasters espousing the virtues of cultivating a “platform” and realize that I’ve been creating and destroying my platform for years in a Sysiphean dance. If I just cut out the destruction part of my process, I might actually have something to be proud of in a little while. So I’m intentionally committing to keeping at least this site around.

With that said, I’ve spent a good amount of time tonight getting everything installed and wired up– I’ll probably write up what I did there in another post. In the interim, I’m off to bed.